Best Baby Bath Tubs of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Baby Bath Tubs of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparisons
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Years ago, mothers would always give their newborns baths in the sink. While sinks are convenient, they also pose a risk for your child. The material that they’re made out of are very slippery, which can cause your child to fall.

Instead, there are these neat new inventions called tubs which you can use instead of the sink. The first type is called sink insert baby tubs which fit into a standard sink, and the other type is basins that you can use out of the sink or in the bathtub.

That said, we will introduce you to the best baby bathtubs in 2019.

Comparison Chart

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub – Compact Support Seat

Summer Infant My Bath Seat, Baby Bathtub Seat

Blooming Bath – Baby Bath

Best Baby Bath Tub Reviews

1. Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub

Do you really want to make bath time fun for your child? The Munchkin is the perfect toy and bathtub to help relax your kid and allow them to have fun while getting clean.

As an inflatable duck, it features a bright yellow color with a classic bathtub duck aesthetic. The tub is bouncy and soft, which only adds to the comfort and style.

Product Highlights

Here is an overview of the features of the Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub:

  • Inflatable Fun Duck

Make bath time fun with this uniquely shaped duck tub. Kids are relentless when it comes to getting cleaned up. However, by using a fun duck shaped bathtub, they can associate bath time with fun and excitement.

  • Built-in White Hot Technology

This technology helps measure the temperature of the water, ensuring that it isn’t too hot for your little one. Kids have sensitive skin, so having an appropriate method to gauge the water temperature can help you determine if it’s safe for your child or not.

  • Non-slip Surface

Worried about safety? Inside the tub, it features a textured non-slip surface that provides enough traction to prevent any slips or falls.

  • Extra Padding

The extra padding inside the duck adds to the comfort. For children, safety is not the only critical factor, but they should also be able to relax and enjoy while taking a bath. The padding integrated creates a soft and plush surface, which makes it perfect for kids.

  • Drain

Located at the bottom of the duck is a drain to help get rid of water. This makes cleanup faster as you won’t have to flip the whole tub over just to empty it: no hassle, no mess, and no fuss.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The entire product measures 9.2 x 3 x 7.5 inches and weighs approximately 1.63 pounds.

What's to like about the Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub

The best part about this bathtub is its design as it makes kids want to jump in the tub. Other tubs are generic looking, and while they may be comfortable and safe, they still aren’t fun or exciting.

What's not to like about the Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub

The only thing we didn’t love so much is that the tub is relatively small, which means that toddlers won’t be able to fit inside. This limits the use of the tub to only newborns and infants.


  • check
  • check
  • check
    Makes bath time exciting
  • check
    Heat sensor
  • check
    Enhanced safety


  • Tiny

2. Fisher-Price Sling ‘n Seat Tub

One of the problems with baby bathtubs is that they only fit newborns, infants, or toddlers; but not all. The Fisher-Price Sling ‘n Seat Tub is adjustable and can support your child throughout their developmental stages. You’ll be able to fully adjust the bath to their body size, which can save you both money and effort.

Product Highlights

The Fisher-price Sling ‘n Seat Tub offers the following features:

  • Four Stages

The first stage features a soft mesh sling which is perfect for newborn babies. When the child gets older, you can convert to stage two, which features a baby stopper insert that prevents them from slips and falls.

The third stage has an insert that sits the baby upright and allows them to move freely and safely. The last stage is bigger and can accommodate older infants or toddlers.

  • Plug for Draining and Cleaning

There is a plug which you can use to fill the tub with water. However, it has been noted that the drain doesn’t work that well when it comes to draining the tub of water.

  • Sit-Up Support

The sit-up support is an insertable piece of plastic which can be used as a seat. This allows the baby to sit upright, which is suitable for infants and toddlers.

  • Material

While the exterior and interior are plastic, the sling is made from a soft and comfy cotton fabric. This makes it comfortable for the baby.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of the unit are 18.5 x 30 x 8.5 inches, and weight is about 5.4 pounds.

What's to like about the Fisher-Price Sling ‘n Seat Tub

This baby bathtub is excellent for growing children. Moms need not worry, as they won’t have to pitch extra money or take the time to get a new unit every few weeks. Babies grow at an alarmingly fast rate, so having a bathtub to accommodate them for years is essential.

What's not to like about the Fisher-Price Sling ‘n Seat Tub

The only downside we’ve found with this baby tub is that it does lack cushioning and padding, which can make it uncomfortable for younger children.


  • check
    Four-in-one system
  • check
    Reclines efficiently
  • check
    Comfortable padding
  • check
    Non-slip surface
  • check
    Removable Parts


  • Hard to drain

3. Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

The Shnuggle is designed for infants and toddlers to help make bath time fun and safe. It features a lovely ergonomic design which has contours and curves that can help support your child.

While the manufacturer does say that this bathtub is for zero to 12 months, it may be hard for newborns as there is a lack of support for young babies. However, the design excels with infants and toddlers.

Product Highlights

Some of the things you’ll expect from the Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub are:

  • Two Stages

There are two distinct stages which can accommodate children from ages zero to 12 months. The first stage features a bump which helps keep your newborn supported with a slight inclination. When your baby gets a few months older, you can then switch to stage two. Stage two sits the baby upright, which allows them to move around freely.

  • Foam Backrest for Support

Foam is installed on the back of the tub. This extra padding helps your baby sit forward and provide extra support to their body. It’s soft, warm, and heats up to the temperature of the water. This way, your child stays warm for the duration of the whole bath.

  • Small Size and Low Weight

Overall, the bathtub is very compact, which makes it one of the more portable models of baby bathtubs. It’s also designed to be lightweight; that way, you won’t have to worry about carrying or moving a heavy tub from one room to the next. Use it in the sink, in the bathtub, or on the floor.

What's to like about the Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

This bathtub is one of the more portable options available on the market. We enjoy that it’s lightweight and easy to move.

If you’re always on the go, it can be frustrating to wash your infant. However, the design of this tub allows you to clean them anywhere you are.

What's not to like about the Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

The only downside we’ve found in using this tub is that it’s not very supportive for newborns. Instead, this bathtub is geared more towards infants and toddlers. There’s also a lack of support and no sling, which makes it rough on a newborn’s body.


  • check
    Provides extra support
  • check
    Multiple stages
  • check
    Enough padding
  • check
    Can be used anywhere
  • check
    Ergonomic seating


  • Not for newborns

4. Summer Infant My Bath Set

This bath is much different from your traditional style sink bathtubs. Instead, it’s designed to be placed into your tub and secures into place, holding your little one in.

Let’s be real: infants are the hardest to wash because they are just learning to wiggle and move around. This can become a real issue if they don’t want to cooperate. The Summer Infant My Bath Set can help solve this problem by functioning similarly to a dining seat for children.

Product Highlights

Here is an overview of the Summer Infant My Bath Set’s features:

  • Suction Cups

There are three different arms located on the seat. Two are directly in the front while there is one on the back.

These arms each have a suction cup attached and can be used to secure the seat in your bathtub safely. Each arm is also adjustable, which ensures that the seat will fit any tub.

  • Installation

Installing the system is very simple, but it does take time to set up and take apart. First, you’ll need to place the seat into your tub.

From there, you’ll need to extend each arm and place the suction cups onto the wall. Position the cups in place and then press the locking mechanism which helps lock the cups into place.

  • Use with No Hands

You’ll have a full 360-degree control of the seat and can use both of your hands to wash your infant. This can help, as little ones love to move around during bath time. Having both hands free is a win-win situation.

  • Seating

The highest bracket allows your infant to be supported and comfortable. They’ll have just enough wiggle room to move around but will be limited enough so that they can’t easily slip out when you’re not looking.

What's to like about the Summer Infant My Bath Set

This type of bathtub is the best for younger toddlers who love to move around. The design allows them to stay in place; that way, you don’t have a hard time controlling them.

What's not to like about the Summer Infant My Bath Set

It takes quite a long time to set this up and sometimes can be frustrating to get all three sections into the proper placement.


  • check
    Very stable
  • check
    Hands-free design
  • check
    Easy installation
  • check
    Provides enough comfort and support
  • check
  • check
    Easy to store


  • Time-consuming to set up

5. Blooming Bath Bathtub

The last product on our list is the Blooming Bath Bathtub. It features one of the most comfortable designs that will surprise any mom.

Unlike plastic bathtubs, the Blooming Bath Bathtub features a fabric design which is padded and includes extra cushioning. This allows your baby to be cradled and comforted. For the newborns and infants who always need attention, this baby bath is bound to help them.

Product Highlights

The things you’ll expect from the Blooming Bath are:

  • Enhanced Safety

It’s essential to have a safe bathtub, as children are prone to slipping and falling. The Blooming Bath Bathtub is extraordinarily supportive and ensures that there’s no wiggle room left for your kid.

  • Extremely Soft Exterior

The outside of this product is made from a non-toxic, soft fabric that is very plush and easy on the skin. Most babies have sensitive skin, so it’s essential to protect it whenever you can. The fabric ensures that the baby won’t have any scratches or blisters.

  • Cushioning and Padding

Inside the Blooming Bath Bathtub is extra stuffing that allows water to pass through it freely. The extra cushioning conforms to your baby’s body and ensures that they feel like they are being cradled. This will surely help them feel more comfortable and relaxed, especially if they are new to bath time.

  • Easy to Clean

You can place this into the washing machine or wash it by hand. However, the fabric must be dried every time you use it or else it may grow bacteria and mold. The best method is to either wring it out and then letting it air dry or placing it into the drying machine for 15 minutes on the delicate cycle.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The overall dimensions of this product are 15 x 4 x 18 inches, and weight is only about 1.2 pounds.

What's to like about the Blooming Bath Bathtub

We love that this baby bathtub isn’t like others. Instead of dealing with hard plastic, the exterior is incredibly plush and soft to the touch. The whole bathing unit helps keep your baby calm and relaxed during their bath.

What's not to like about the Blooming Bath Bathtub

The downside is that you’ll need an efficient method of drying the Blooming Bath Bathtub. If not properly maintained, the product could begin to grow molds and bacteria which can be harmful to your child.


  • check
    Soft materials
  • check
    Makes baby feel safe
  • check
    Cradles their body
  • check
    Hassle-free set up


  • Prone to mold and bacterial growth


When it comes to buying baby bathtubs, it’s important to keep in mind a few different aspects. Each baby bathtub is made from different materials, come with various features, and some can potentially grow mildew and mold.

Here’s a list of the features to keep in mind when purchasing a baby bathtub.

1. Types of Baby Bathtubs

There are three main types of baby bathtubs available to you on the market: sink inserts, basins, and fabric baths. A sink insert is precisely how it sounds, it can be inserted into a standard sink and can be filled with water. These types are often easy to use but aren’t as comfortable as other types of baths.

The second type is basins, and these can be used outside of the bath. They come in various shapes and sizes, and each of which provides different levels of comfort.

The last type is a fabric bath, which is similar to a pillow. Place it into the sink or bucket, and you’ll be able to wash your newborn from there. Concerning comfort, these types excel at keeping your baby relaxed and calm.

2. Material (Eco-friendly PVC)

Always look at the material label and make sure that the fabric does not contain any harmful dyes or chemicals. Look for PVC-free or eco-friendly materials, as these are going to be safest for your child. It’s not uncommon for newborns to have allergic reactions to some types of fabric, so choose eco-friendly options.

3. Suitable Age

While most baby baths are marketed for ages three to six months, some can last up to three years. Always check to see what age the bathtub supports.

The lowest a baby bathtub can go is for newborns, and the oldest is three years old. However, most toddler bathtubs are harder to find, so you’ll likely need to purchase a separate tub for your newborn and toddler.

4. Size

The size of the tub changes depending on what type it is and what age it supports. For most smaller bathtubs, you won’t see sizes smaller than a sink. On the other hand, larger models can have the same width and length as a large laundry bin.

Just remember that bigger isn’t always better. Thus, check to see what age range is supported, as this can help determine what size you need.

5. Safety Features

Safety features are different for each type of baby bath. The first type is a sling which is suitable for newborn babies. The sling keeps their body in one position and ensures that no water gets into their face.

The second safety feature is a non-slip grip which is located on the sides and base of the baby bathtub. Extra grip ensures that an infant or toddler won’t slip or fall when they’re in the tub.

The last feature to keep an eye out for is the no-tipping feature. This helps the tub stay stable even when a toddler is playing or moving around.


1. How to clean baby bath tub?

For new moms, cleaning a baby tub can seem like a daunting task. You have to worry about what type of soap to use, cleansers, and how to dry the fabric. However, cleaning most modern baby tubs is quick and straightforward.

First off, if you’re cleaning a plastic baby tub, then you’ll want to use a safe baby cleanser or a detergent free from harsh chemicals. Use it to clean down the bathtub and then rinse well. After that, towel dry or air dry the tub, and you’re done with the cleaning!

However, if you’re using a material-type baby tub, then you’re going to need to place it in the washing machine and dry it thoroughly. Use the delicate cycle on the dryer or air dry in an open and dry area.

2. How to use baby bath tubs?

Baby tubs aren’t that complicated to use. Honestly, anyone can really figure out how to use one as long as they are familiar with using a regular tub.

The only tricky part of a baby tub is installing it onto the sink or in a bathtub. That said, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly install the baby tub, as this can avoid any damage.

After that, place your baby into the tub and adjust the water to a warm temperature. Then, begin washing your child, and when you’re all done, simply wipe the tub dry.

3. How to choose baby bath tubs?

First-time moms may be frustrated when choosing a baby bathtub because they don’t understand how to pick the right type. First off, check to see the dimensions of your sink or bathtub, as certain baby tubs don’t always work with the standard sizes.

Next, look for the age supported, as not all baby tubs are fit for newborns or toddlers. Once you’ve done that, consider extra features that we mentioned in our buying guide. That will help you better understand how to pick a baby bathtub.

4. How to use a Puj Tub?

One of the best baby bathtubs out there is the Puj Tub. It features an ergonomic design that not only is easy to use but also can conveniently be placed in most sinks.

To use one, take it out of the package and adjust the tub until it suits your baby’s size. From there, place it into the sink, making sure it locks into place.

After that, you can place your newborn or infant into the Puj and turn the faucet on, making sure you choose warm water. Once you’re done bathing your kid, wipe the tub down with a towel and hang it up on a hook.

5. How to use a baby bath tub with slings?

Slings are the more complicated versions of baby bathtubs as they require you to do more adjusting before you can bathe your child. First, install the baby bathtub into the sink and make sure that the bath is appropriately placed. Next, take the sling and adjust it to the correct size.

The manufacturer’s manual will have a guide on what sizes are best for different ages. Adjust the sling and then place your baby into it.

After that, follow the same steps as you would use a regular baby bathtub. The only difference is that you’ll need to wash the sling each time you use it to prevent molds and bacteria from growing.


As you can see, bathing your little one doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Using a baby bathtub can be the best alternative to a sink because it has a lot of safety features and provides better comfort.

Many children often get restless when they are being bathed because they want the comfort and warmth of their mother. With added plush fabric and extra cushioning, baby bathtubs can be exactly what you need to keep them relaxed.

Overall, the best baby bathtub is the Fisher-Price Sling ‘n Seat Tub. It includes many of the factors you’d want such as enhanced safety, multiple age support, and soft fabric with cushioning.

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