Blooming Bath Lotus Review

Blooming Bath Lotus Review
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Blooming Bath Lotus: QUICK OVERVIEW

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What We Like

  • Easy installation
  • Comfortable padding
  • Easy cleanup

What Don't We Like

  • Long drying times

Just as every other human needs to shower to stay clean, so does a baby. Most parents use the sink as opposed to the bathtub or bathroom to bathe their newborns because it’s more practical and poses less of a risk. However, your baby’s safety and comfort always need to be prioritized, even when they’re sitting in the sink.

One method for doing so is by getting a baby bath lotus. These devices cradle your little one and keep them from moving around during their bath. If you’re searching for one, read on since we will be reviewing one product that is trending today.

Blooming Bath Lotus Review

This lotus has been redesigned to have four different broad petals to help support your child from the sink and to keep them comfortable. With the bigger petals, it’s safer to sit your little one down, as the petals act as a cradle while they’re taking a bath. Not only that but they’re also fun, padded, and come in all sorts of vibrant designs.

Who Is This Product For?

Children aren’t really cooperative when it comes to taking a bath. That’s why it’s important to find different methods of getting them to not only stay in the sink but also stay put while they’re getting washed. The Blooming Bath Lotus is a perfect solution and is suited for parents who have babies whose age ranges from zero to six months.

What’s Included?

Included in the package is the Blooming Bath Lotus that comes in an overall dimension of 13.2 x 4.5 x 13.2 inches and weight of approximately 1.1 pounds. As for the petals, they measure 33 inches from tip to tip and has an eight-inch central diameter.

Overview of Features

Some of the things that the Blooming Bath Lotus can offer are:

  • Easy installation: You can just place the unit into the sink after making sure the drainage of the sink is closed. After that, adjust the water temperature on the other side of the sink and then move it back over once the desired temperature is achieved. Then, allow the sink to fill up halfway, and you’re ready to bathe your baby.
  • Comfortable and fun to use: Getting children to behave during bath time is frustrating, so the goal of this product is to make it fun and exciting. The baby will be enticed by the colors, and the soft plush petals will cradle their body, allowing them to feel relaxed.
  • Quick cleanup: As for cleanup, all you will need to do is wring out the petal into the sink and then place the Blooming Bath Lotus into the dryer for a maximum of 15 minutes. That being said, if you find that you do need to wash it, you can either wash by hand or through the washing machine.
  • Multiple colors: The Blooming Bath Lotus comes in six different vibrant colors which include: yellow, pink, blue, light blue with gray, light yellow with gray, and light gray with gray.

How to Use

Using the Blooming Bath Lotus is very simple and straightforward. First, adjust the water temperature to your liking in the sink. Next, plug the bottom of the sink with the drain plug and allow the water to go up to ½ full.

After this, place the Blooming Bath Lotus into the sink. Lastly, place your baby into the lotus and start bathing them.

Once you’ve cleaned up your baby, drain the water and remove your child. From here, you need to determine if the lotus needs to be washed or just dried out.

Usually, the lotus will last for a few uses without needing to be washed. However, if the lotus does need washing, place it in the washing machine and then in the dryer for up to 15 minutes on delicate cycle.


An alternative to this product is the Kidsmile Baby Bathtub. Instead of being placed into the sink, it’s a small and compact baby bathtub that can be used anywhere. This can be a better option for some parents, as the kitchen sink may not be big enough or is occupied by dirty dishes. Whatever the reason, this product is excellent for giving younger children baths.

It features a portable, collapsible design which allows you to assemble it without taking it apart or putting it together. The bathtub itself is stable, slip-resistant, and features complete water drainage. There are extra support legs located on the bottom, which helps ensure that the tub doesn’t topple over even with movements.

Additionally, the interior is mildew resistant and features netting which you can machine wash if needed. Lastly, you can adjust the bath in two different ways, which allows you to customize the experience for your child.


Overall, both options are an excellent tool to help keep your child protected and calm while you wash them. A clean baby is a happy baby, which also helps them stay healthy and strong. It’s essential to get rid of bacteria, germs, and keep their skin protected.

The Blooming Baby Lotus is just one of the newer designed products that can help you achieve that goal.

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