Fisher-Price Bathing Tub Review

Fisher-Price Bathing Tub Review
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Fisher-Price Bathing Tub: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Soothes baby
  • Provides extra comfort
  • Adjustable

What Don't We Like

  • Risk of growing mold if not properly cleaned and dried

Bath times are usually fun for toddlers, but for younger ones, it may be a frightening and daunting task to keep them clean and comfortable. Most parents decide that it’s best to wash their newborn in the sink, as it poses less of a risk than a full sized bathtub.

One issue with using the kitchen sink is that it doesn’t provide any support to your child, which can be cumbersome if you’re using one hand to support them and another to wash. A better alternative is by using a baby bathtub. Hence, let us introduce to you the Fisher-Price Bathing Tub.

Fisher-Price Bathing Tub Review

This bathtub is a luxury built baby tub which can help provide extra padding and protection while you bathe your child. It’s developed entirely different from other models on the market. It’s made from thicker materials which not only prevents wear and tear but also allows it to be more durable.

As your baby goes from a newborn to a toddler, you’ll be able to adjust the tub allowing you to use it for years to come. Lastly, it can fit most standard sinks, either single or double, which adds to the convenience.

Who Is This Product For?

Any mom who is looking for an easy method for washing their kid will enjoy this product. If your child cries, moves around, or is generally uncomfortable during the bathing process, the Fisher-Price Bathing Tub may be of use. This product has a unique vibrating feature that can help soothe and relax frustrated or rowdy newborns during bath time.

What’s Included?

The package includes the Fisher-Price Bathing Tub, a sling, and the main tub that comes in the dimensions of 31 x 18 x 9 inches and weight of about one pound.

Overview of Features

The Fisher-Price Bathing Tub has the following features that are worth noting:

  • Unique vibration system: Installed into the tub is a unique vibrating system which can help those restless babies feel relaxed. There are three different settings, each with different calming vibrations. Switch between the three until you find one your child likes.
  • Baby sling and headrest: A fabric sling is installed for added comfort. Attached to this sling is a padded headrest which can help keep the baby’s head upright and away from any potential risk from the water.
  • Adjustable tub: An adjustable tub allows you to change the sling to fit the baby’s body as it grows. Use this to your advantage, as this unit can save you money from purchasing a new one every few months.
  • Installation: Installation is pretty simple; just place the tub into a sink and connect the drain plug. This tub works on both single and double sink designs, which makes it easy to use.
    Storage: There’s a hook located on the back of the tub, which is used to save you space when it comes to storing the unit. You can hang it up on the back of a door or a rod.

How to Use

Using this product is simple and straightforward as all you will need to do is adjust the width of the tub and place it in the sink. From there, you can adjust the headrest and change the vibrations of the chair to your newborn’s liking.

As per usual, go about a normal bath time routine and wash your baby. Once you’re done, remove your child and let the sling dry.

The sling can be placed into the drying machine on a delicate setting. Once all done, hang it up somewhere using the hook located on the back of the product.


A more affordable alternative to this product is the Fisher-Price Rinse ‘n Grow Tub. It features a large three-stage tub which can accommodate children of different sizes. It’s perfect for newborns and babies up to six months old.

The first “stage” is ideal for infants and newborns as it helps recline the child and keep the supported. The stage two is for older babies who need to sit upright, while the last is a sitting position where a toddler can relax or play.

The whole unit features a machine-washable sling which makes cleanup and sanitation easier on you. The sling can also be converted into a hanging mesh pocket, which you can use to store your child’s favorite toys.


No matter which unit you choose, both are excellent for children who are growing. It can get inconvenient at times to purchase new sizes as your child grows, so having an adjustable tub makes everything more straightforward. The extra storage hook also comes in handy for those who don’t have a lot of space.

The drainage system isn’t a common feature found in most baby tubs, which can be useful for not causing a mess while draining the water. Overall, these products can help make bath time more relaxing and pleasant, but the Fisher-Price Bathing Tub stands out because of its vibration system.

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