How to Use a Baby Bath Tub With Sling? A Detailed Guide

How to Use a Baby Bath Tub With Sling A Detailed Guide
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Bathing your infant son or daughter might appear to be a stressful process at first, but you shouldn't worry about it. Like everything else, it gets a lot easier over time and with practice.

This is especially true today, wherein we are at the age of the internet where you can always look for helpful advice from experienced parents or childcare experts.

If you have recently purchased a baby bathtub, you are probably here because you're wondering whether any special rules differ from the ones regarding regular tubs.

In fact, there are a few of those, and in this article, you will learn how to use a baby bath tub with sling. First, though, let us talk about what it is exactly.

What Is a Baby Bath Tub

What Is a Baby Bath Tub Sling?

A baby bathtub sling is, as the name already explains to us, a sling that you can use to hold your baby while your hands are busy. They are made out of different materials, and different models have various additional features.

Luckily, there are various reviews and top 10 lists for this product, so you can read the opinions of other parents before committing to a purchase. After all, when shopping for the smallest of your children, you should be more than careful and thorough.

What Are the Different Types of Baby Bath Tub Slings?

Baby bathtub slings can come in various shapes and sizes, and some of them have different utilities. For example, most of the slings can be dismounted and used as an additional layer for your baby to sit on while in the bathtub.

This is done to make the baby more comfortable in case it doesn't like the feel of sitting on a hard bathtub floor. Others can be mounted in various positions to have your baby out of direct contact with water while you're bathing it.

Usually, you can make sure that the sling you're purchasing is adaptable to any changes you wish to make. This means that you might want to try keeping your baby entirely above water while you're bathing it, but if you decide you don't like that option, you want to be able to lower the height and keep it in shallow water by using the sling.

How to Use a Baby Bath Tub

How to Use a Baby Bath Tub With Sling?

Using bathtubs for babies is actually even more convenient than using regular ones. However, the main difference is that the ones designed for babies usually have additional features that you'd want to know how to utilize to make the process even more straightforward or even fun in some cases.

These bonus features usually include some toys that are attached to the bathtub, sewage compartments, and various other accessories. Slings are no exception, and they are becoming more and more common as something that is being used in all of the modern baby bathtubs in the market.

To use a baby bathtub with a sling, simply set up the sling to your desired height—whether that be high enough so that the baby is not in direct contact with water or low enough so that a part of it is under the water. Make sure, though, that its head is safely positioned in a way that water won’t get in its ears and nose.

Next, prepare the bathwater, making sure that it is warm but not hot. You would also want to have every other bathing essentials ready. These include your baby’s soap, towel, nappy, and a change of clothes.

After that, you can now place the baby on the sling and start bathing it!

Why Should You Use a Baby Bath Tub With Sling?

It isn't absolutely necessary to have a sling with your baby bath tub. In fact, in some cases, your child might not like it at all. But then again, there are a few benefits that you should consider if you're on the verge of buying a baby bathtub with a sling.

  • Your baby might not like being in direct contact with water. This can occur with the youngest of children, and it's completely natural. Don't worry, though; this issue will go away after a couple of weeks.
  • Your baby might be incredibly amused by the prospect of the sling, and enjoy sitting on it in an elevated position. Now, who doesn't like seeing their children happy and amused?
  • It will allow you to keep your hands free while you're preparing the soap and the towels, and not have to worry about what your child is doing.

What to Look Out For?

Baby bathtub slings can be made out of various materials. It is the industry standard for them to be manufactured out of components that are entirely skin-safe. However, some of the less-known retailers and manufacturers might sell and create models that are of low quality and could create bad reactions on your child's skin.

Furthermore, you should avoid the cheapest models because of the endurance issues. If you're planning on using a sling to hold your child at an elevated height, you most certainly don't want one of the straps to break and cause a situation that would endanger your child.

Final Words

In this article, you have learned about the different possibilities that baby bathtubs with slings have to offer to you and your family. In case you think this product would be ideal for you and your baby, you should buy one since they are quite inexpensive.

Be wary as to which manufacturer are you buying it from, though. Read the labels carefully too. You want to get a model that has been proven to be safe for children so as to avoid any potential hazards.

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