The First Years’ Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub Review

The First Years’ Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub Review
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The First Years’ Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra comfort
  • Supports baby’s body

What Don't We Like

  • Not for babies who move around

A baby’s bathtime can be both a challenge and a bonding experience. All of us first-time parents can understand the difficulties that come along with bathing a newborn as they’re just so delicate.

In order to make bathtime easier and more comfortable for your child, it’s best to buy a specialized baby bathing tub that will cradle your baby. In turn, this will allow you to keep both of your hands free, making it easier to wash the baby thoroughly.

The main problem faced by new parents when looking for the right baby bathtub is the overwhelming number of choices there is. The aim of this review is to help narrow down the search by taking a detailed look at one of the more popular choices available, The First Years’ Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub.

The First Years’ Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub Review

The First Years is one of TOMY’s subsidiary companies aimed at providing essential baby products as opposed to their more associated toy development companies. TOMY is a Japanese company that has been producing toys for all ages since 1924. They are currently active in 15 out of 16 toy categories.

TOMY produces a wealth of baby- and toy-related products with the simple goal of making the world smile. The First Years Sure Bathing Tub has been built to TOMY’s superior quality standards while also still being very reasonably priced.

Who Is This Product For?

This bathtub is for those parents who are looking to make bathtime a more enjoyable and less stressful experience. It is for parents who are looking for a brand that they can trust since TOMY is very well-known and reputable.

This tub is also great as it grows with your child. This is made possible thanks to the provided sling for newborns, which, once they outgrow, can simply be removed and allow the baby to sit in the tub itself.

This is definitely a home-use tub due to its size. It isn’t very portable, but this does allow for a far sturdier built. This also makes it perfect for those with bigger babies.

What’s Included?

This baby bathtub includes a detachable sling that supports newborns or smaller babies until they can sit in the tub itself.

Overview of Features

  • Grows With Age

With a sling being provided, this bathtub can grow with your child, thus increasing the age range of babies who can actually use the tub. This will save parents some money in the short-term as they won’t need to update their tub after the first month or two.

  • Construction

The First Years’ bathing tub utilizes a deep ergonomic design to cradle your child comfortably while he is in the tub. It also has a built-in drain plug for quick water drainage as well as a built-in basin where you can store soaps, shampoos, or even toys.

Its sturdy, single-form construction allows this bathtub to support children from birth up until they reach 25 pounds.

  • Size

The product has been designed to fit the vast majority of medium to large babies. It measures 29 inches long, 15.2 inches wide, and nine inches deep. It weighs just under three pounds.

  • Quality

TOMY knows the importance of producing high-quality products that parents can trust to be durable and reliable. For this reason, their product was hailed as the BEST bathtub in BabyCenter’s Mom’s Picks 2014 awards.

How to Use

The bathtub itself is incredibly intuitive and straightforward in its use. Being a single-form unit, parents simply slide the bathtub into the sink, catching the ledges with the lip of the tub. Putting it in the bathtub couldn’t be simpler as it is also freestanding.

The detachable sling is fully adjustable too. Parents can simply tighten or loosen the straps through the conventional buckle system. You can then fill up the water basin to an appropriate level so as to ready it for bathtime.


When it comes to baby bathtubs, there are so many great options available on the market. A good example of another excellent choice from a trustworthy brand is the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling’n’Seat Tub.

This tub boasts a sling for newborns, a baby stopper to prevent slipping and sliding, a sit-me-up support for your child, and a roomy toddler tub once they get older. This tub also offers a better-seated position when compared to The First Years’ bathtub.


The First Years’ Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub is a highly affordable and extremely practical bathtub that makes bathtime that much easier. Its durable construction allows it to be kept and used for your next child or as a hand-me-down to a friend. It offers very similar functionality to more expensive baby bathtubs.

The main downside to this type of bathtub is that it doesn’t adapt to different sink sizes, so it’s important to measure your sinks to make sure that this unit would be a good fit for your home. TOMY produces quality, well-designed products, and this baby bathtub is no exception!

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